Changing Your Career At 40

Making the transition from the womb to this dynamic world we live in has to be a life altering event for a baby. What was once a comfortable and secure place inside his mother’s body is now gone. Perhaps the saving grace is the familiar voice that was heard over the past several months is still being heard.

Now more than ever lawyers are in a stage of transition. For some lawyers, transition has happened without them seeking it out. Meanwhile, other lawyers have taken advantage of their education and strengths and have created outplacement firms for themselves. Whether life pushes a outplacement firm on you or you feel it’s time to begin creating a new way to find fulfillment while using your education, experience, and strengths, there is no better time than now.

Shop differently at the food store. Get extra of whatever is on sale and use coupons to buy it. (Start a coupon exchange where you exchange coupons with other coupon collectors.) Look on the internet, as well as in newspapers and magazines for coupon offers. The goal is to always be eating what you bought on sale without having to pay full price for anything you eat. As you build up your stock, you’ll be able to do this more and more.

First and foremost, I am hoping that many professionals will awaken to the idea that a job search is about much more than having a nice resume and talking to a couple recruiters. I’m hoping that they will begin to really look at how to conduct an effective search in a competitive market and will invest wisely in services to accomplish that goal.

Years ago when I was making a huge outplacement firm from being a psychotherapist I made my first Vision Board. At that time I had no idea that I would become a Life Leadership Coach. I remember creating my Vision Board, which began my journey. Once completed, I placed my Vision Board, which at 3 feet by 4 feet was quite large, on a shelf across from my desk. Every day I spent some time noticing different elements. In moments of doubt it kept me focused on my overall goal of creating a new career in which I would be both financially successful and deeply satisfied. Even now, years later, I can easily conjure many of the images I chose to put on my board that sustained me and defined where I am today.

Ask to keep your company Blackberry or iPhone if you have one. This is something that’s even less likely to be recycled within your company than your laptop. Who wants a used phone? At the very least, ask the company to transfer the ownership of your phone number to you if you want to keep it.

I contacted a few people who were also listed with the outplacement company. I improved my networking skills by reading articles and went to local networking events. It really helped me to overcome my fear of networking with strangers.

Finally, consider the price of a resume as not a necessary evil, but as one part of investing in you and your career. A resume is a tool, and we all want the best-quality tools. That desire comes with a price. But at the end of the day, the tool is only as effective as the one who wields it. So when weighing the cost, make sure you have a realistic expectation of what the resume can do and what role is required of you to make it even more effective.