Baby Boomers – Retiring To A New Career

Not happy in your current job? Thinking about making a career change? Dynamic lifestyles and an uncertain economy are just two of many reasons to consider a new occupation, or even an entirely different field than the one you’re in now. Trust me; as a career counselor who has helped many people reinvent themselves professionally, I can assure you that you’re not alone!

It’s important to learn how to use the good sites and avoid the bad ones. Here’s a quick guide to get you started. The good sites generally reflect a sizable investment of time, creative energy and money. The people who have put them together are obviously serious about what they’re doing, and while they are just as eager to make a buck as anyone else, they offer value for the money they receive.

I have met many people who were once strangers to me. They have been very helpful in my support, and I would not have met them if I only networked with people I knew.

As you begin your outplacement supports, you will receive regular one-on-one coaching. Your career coach will provide you with feedback, constant encouragement and suggestions. A good career coach will help you look for the best solutions to career-related problems. They will also share contemporary strategies to help you organise your thoughts so that you can make wise career decisions.

Choose your own reply, one that sounds good from your mouth. I just wanted to suggest words, tone, an open mind and a positive attitude toward your situation.

Jamie Rubin had a hugely successful career littered with accomplishments including marketing for the NBA and WNBA, researching for the award-winning Ric Burns documentary “New York: A Documentary Film”, and producing segments on popular shows including “The Abrams Report” and “Buchanan and Press” for the cable news network MSNBC. Most recently she worked for Yahoo! as a news producer, even co-producing the first online-only interview with then President George W. Bush and the first online-only debate among the Democratic candidates for President in 2007.

Can you suggest a potential prospect or referral partner? Chances are some one on your list could be a potential client or business referral partner for one of the people you just met. This works best for those in a position to collaborate. Not sure? Send a follow up note with a link to the other person’s profile to one person at a time and extend the offer to help them sync up.

The cost is $25 in advance, $30 at the door. It includes a free drink and light appetizers. Please visit the event website to register and for more information. Need help with your search? Email me for a free consultation. View my full profile on LinkedIn. Follow me on Twitter.